Karak Castle Center

A national institution established in 2008 in the Governorate of Karak in the south of the capital Amman. The center aims to build and enhance the capacities of women and youth, and thereby contribute to their economic, political and legal empowerment and to improve their skills and to provide opportunities for equal and effective participation in the development of society within a framework that respects the principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.


Towards a society of equal opportunities, achieving justice, and consolidating the participatory approach in accordance with relevant best international practices, and in consistency with the legal framework and the national interests. This is realized through quality tools built according to the programs’ application requirements.

Recent Projects

Advocacy for proposed legal framework for decentralization law

Following its 2018 Legal Review of the Jordanian Decentralization Law, Karak Castle Center for Consultations and Training has embarked on two projects related to the decentralization the law in…

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Karak Elected women Network

  In December 2018, Karak Castle Center issued a report titled “Legal Review of the Jordanian Decentralization Law” that included a comprehensive evaluation of the decentralization…

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Recent Publications

Position Paper Income Tax and Women

The draft income tax law of 2018 comes under a set of economic measures that the subsequent governments have been implementing, which have led to further economic pressures on the public…

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Position paper on Legislative Reform of the Income Tax Law

It goes without saying that tax and fee-related legislations are of great importance as they have a direct impact on the socio-economic rights and the overall human rights system. It is worth…

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